Frequently asked Questions

How do I prepare for my detox and weight loss retreat?
To get the most benefit of your detox we strongly suggest that you reduce or eliminate caffeine (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks), alcohol, sugars and processed foods for at least a few days before you arrive at the retreat, a week would be ideal. Remember to drink plenty of water (2 liters per day minimum) in the week before coming to ensure you are fully hydrated.

What are the side effects of a detox?

The common side effects of a detox tend to start within 12-24 hours and may include headaches, grumpiness, and occasional mild nausea. Some guests experience no or low side effects, and some guests can feel very strong headaches or other symptoms, including changes to bowel movements. It really is a personal experience. By 72 hours, practically all guests report increased energy and that their symptoms have gone. During the first 72 hours it is important to drink lots of water and take the opportunity to rest the body (and mind!). We also have affective methods such as lemon and ginger drinks and the coffee enemas, all equipment provided, that really help reduce the detox symptoms as well as speed up the process.

Do I need to juice to get maximum benefit and relaxation?
Whether you juice or eat our delicious food, your body will relax from the inside out with our relaxation retreat. Both juicing and eating the food provide good nutrition for your body. Juicing just gives your digestive system a rest, which means that energy which would have been used in digesting food, can instead be diverted towards healing and rejuvenating. Our food is cooked with love, and will nourish you. Everyone is different, so this will be explored once you arrive at the retreat to work out what might suit you the most.

How long should I juice for weight loss?
We recommend three days in the first instance to begin the process of detox and weight loss, and continuing with a light vegetable based diet, so that you can begin the process of change for your return home. However, the longer you choose to juice, the more chance you have to lose the weight you want to. If you want to, you can choose to juice for two meals and eat for one meal – we try to be flexible at Physionatural so you can choose what suits you best. And, by eating with us you get to sample some of the healthy food that we serve, giving you ideas for meals and to make longer-term lifestyle changes when you return home.

You can achieve amazing weight loss results because it becomes so easy for you follow the daily diet program as you will not feel hungry and have a supportive environment to help you. Following a juice diet for a few days kick starts the weight loss and most people tend to lose over 1lb a day!  Obviously taking part in the activities and detox therapies will increase likelihood of you achieving your goals. (Note, we cannot guarantee any specific results, as everyone is different).

I have not exercised (much) for some time – should I be worried?
No, you certainly shouldn´t be worried, the body desires movement of any kind. Some guests who come to stay have not done much exercise for some time. Some have not tried yoga or rebounding before at all. We encourage you to join in with as many activities as you can when you feel you are able to. We believe that it is better to go into a class and do five minutes, than to not join in at all. Take things at your own pace. If you have not exercised for a while, starting with an easy exercise program and you will be amazed at the improvement in your stamina and activity rate over a few days. You can also choose to go for walks by yourself, or with other guests, outside of the class times.

Do I have to juice for the detox program?
You do not have to juice to go through a detox at Physionatural retreats. The food served at the retreat also has a cleansing effect as we use food in its natural form (with little or no processing). However, juicing allows the detox to take place faster and gives your digestive system a rest, so if a detox is your main goal for your stay then we would recommend a three day juice detox.

I want to detox but do not want to lose weight – can I come?
Yes, of course. Detoxing is to gain health and to allow your body to heal, so juicing is more for cleaning your system out and facilitating and alleviating stress in your life, not just to lose weight. We also vary the ingredients for individual guests, for example we use extra avocado or bananas to your juices. Our recipes include other nutritional supplements like wheatgrass, spirulina and other superfood elements depending on the variables of an individual’s needs. If you choose to eat, the menu is carefully designed to provide everything that the body requires and portions are plentiful, you won´t go hungry!

What happens in a life coaching session?
Typically a session starts with determining the subject or topic area and background to possible issues life throws at us. We then explore the issues with the guests if it is a group session or on a one-one session held privately. This is done through a combination of open and penetrating questions. Open questions help explore the possibilities and penetrating questions help get to the real or underlying problem and understand the deeper patterns. Once the coach gets to the deeper cause of the issues at hand and identifies the emotional links we look for the solutions together. The coach may also explore how the issues have arisen in the past and how they are currently a problem now. Sessions normally end with one or two intervention techniques to allow the client to dissolve their underlying problems. The guest will leave a coaching session with a much deeper understanding of their issues and a fresh and positive outlook.

I paint or sketch at home, can I do this while I am on a retreat?

The area is beautiful and if you love painting or sketching landscapes to find plenty of inspiration here. There´s lots of space around the retreat to sit and draw or paint and read on your own. If you do have a preferred medium, we suggest that you bring your own materials with you. There are shops in our neighboring village 15 minutes walk away, but no dedicated art suppliers.

Can I do all the retreat activities if I have a back injury or knee problems?

Once here we will give you a physical assessment to ascertain what you can do, but I think you will be surprised at what you can achieve with all our anaerobic and aerobic exercise classes and in fact when done under instruction and graded for your personal needs your symptoms in many situations can and do decrease as you strengthen your body as a whole. We are here to instruct and guide you at all times when necessary whilst you are here.

What do I need to wear on the retreats?

You will need comfortable and relaxing clothes – t-shirts, swimsuits and exercise clothing mainly, plus shorts, leggings or jogging trousers.  However, during the summer months it does get hot here during the mid-day hours, and perhaps sometimes a little chilly in the evenings, but we suggest you bring light clothing for your retreat stay. You can choose to wear trainers, sandals or sometimes bare feet to really ´ground you´, it is up to you.  Bring something to tie your hair back (if you have long hair!) during exercise classes. Towels and water will be provided, to wipe your face and keep hydrated during exercise periods – it can get a little sweaty.

I have diabetes, high blood pressure… can I join in?

Absolutely! Everything we do at Physionatural you can have a go at, we are here doing it all with you as it were, and our activities are a fantastic way of enhancing our health and wellness and to help people manage or reduce their blood sugar and blood pressure. Our whole program is designed to facilitate the healing abilities of our own bodies and will help to address many health symptoms a person may come with.

What is the price for extra treatments?

The extra treatments really just include massages, hyperthermia and EWOT. The prices for these treatments vary, ranging from 50€ to 70€. Treatments extra to what comes with your retreat are not included in the cost of your retreat, so are payable locally (at reception) in Euros. You can pay by cash or card.

Do you supply yoga mats?

Yes, we have a supply of yoga mats for practicing outside. We also have blocks, straps and blankets. All you need to pack are comfortable clothes for practicing in. If you prefer to bring your own yoga mat, then feel free to do so.

Is there time for self-practice?

Yes, you can make use of all outdoor areas to practice, just pick a spot any time a class is not scheduled; there is plenty of space to find a secluded spot.

Do you have a yoga class every day?

We offer one morning class every day and usually a second class in the afternoons, but every day is different. You can join in the classes from the time you arrive, to the time you depart.

How long do the workshops/coaching classes last?

The workshops normally last around 90 minutes. Discussion and coaching classes can vary depending on what we are discussing, anything from 90 minutes to longer if we are all feeling like continuing, which often happens.

How many group sessions are there?

The timetable of activities at the retreat is different every week, and the number of mindset workshops and coaching classes varies depending upon the availability of staff and the needs of the group. We normally have two or three life makeover workshops each week.

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